Other maps of Africa

Africa is a large continent south of Europe.
True size of Greenland compared to Africa.
North and South America's latitude with Europe and Africa.
A map of Africa showing European territories, 1856.
The real size of Africa. More size comparison maps >>
Islamic jihads in West Africa, 1830.
How much does mobile data cost in Africa?
New shape of Africa
Literacy rate in Africa
African Countries that have seen a coup in the last 50 years. Red has experienced one, Blue has not.
Sickle cell and climate----African rainfall and patterns of genetic resistance to malaria
Colonial Presence in Africa in 1914.
The shifting rains in the Sahel. In this transitional zone at the edge of the Sahara, rainfall varies from 6 inches a year in...
The Continent of Africa before the Berlin Conference.
How Big is Africa?
Road Map of Africa.
The Times map of the tribes, peoples, & nations of modern Africa.
Maritime enforcement around Africa.
Africa roads.
Afroasiatic languages.
Unrecognized states in Africa.
Detailed Map of Africa on the Even of WW1 in 1914.
Dates African Nations Won Their Independence.
Horn of Africa, 1914.
Map of the Khoisan 'click' languages - the remnants of the ancient languages that covered much of Africa before the Bantu...
A contiguous area 2/3 the size of the EU, with a population of 145 million, was cut off from the rest of the world due to...
Subway in Africa
For the first time in modern history, the world’s population is expected to virtually stop growing by the end of this century,...
Starbucks in Africa
African Countries by renewable water resources.
Africa river basins.
Interafrican Migration and Routes. IDH = HDI / Human Development Index. Bajo = low; medio = middle; alto = high Nivel de...
Africa in 1914.
European colonization of Africa.
Corporate ownership of oil in Africa.
A Map of the Saharan Mega-Lakes during the Holocene Wet Phase.
The Languages of Africa.
Distribution of cattle in Africa.
Map of bonobos and chimpanzees. It is thought that the formation of the Congo river ~2 million years ago may have resulted in...
Who Knew Giraffes Had Different Patterns?
Who Knew Giraffes Had Different Patterns?
Places in Africa with biggest number of metal bands.
Africa population density, absolute amount of 1.5 million per surface.
Abortion Law in Africa by country as of April 2019.
3D Africa Population Density Map.
Map that includes some of the more prominent ethnic groups living in Africa, 1971.
The years that African nations gained their independence.
Urban agglomeration network in Africa.
Central Africa from a Japanese map, 1932.
The world’s most important bird migration corridors, The Great Rift Valley flyway links Europe, Asia, and Africa for birds...
Connected network of cities in Africa - obtained by taking the coordinates of 7,447 urban agglomerations, and connecting every...
Google StreetView coverage on the African continent.
The climate map of Africa.
Urbanization rate in Africa.
Africa's Wealthiest Cities.
A flag map of Africa but each flag is determined on which country they share the longest land border with.
African Travel Risk, 2019.
Average rainfall per month in Africa.
Chocolate with a map of Africa.
Africa on January 10, 1966
Africa’s Main Hotspots in 2019 Elections and unrest may bring change or stoke more instability.